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About Wildangle.net and my stay in the USA

FeketeNorbert.hu was updated in the recent days and became a little bit more advanced while also receiving a slightly different outlook. Now we are running on the latest WordPress php engine and using the latest version of our nice theme (sliding door). Beside all these several new plugins were added to the page so that it fits my needs better:)
The recent changes became necessary because of two things. The first one is the fact that we (my friends and me) launched a new website named wildangle.net. This is also a WordPress-based blog-like page that features only and exclusively pictures taken on film. The idea is this: every registered member may receive rights to post pictures that were taken on film whereas every visitor may comment on them even without registration. If you are interested, please check out the homepage here wildangle.net.
I really hope that wildangle is going to do fine so from now on FeketeNorbert.hu features an RSS feed on the left hand side of the page that shows the latest posts and events on wildangle.net. Since I am one of the contributors on wildangle currently, I intent to post several images there but the photography category of FeketeNorbert.hu remains a technical site for both film and digital photography and I will continue posting articles here when I have time and when I feel like it. Probably you can find some of the images here in the gallery section but not all of those posted on wildangle so please check out that page.

Manhattan, New York City at night from the top of the Rockefeller Center
Digital; Canon 450D; EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 IS USM; ISO 1600

FeketeNorbert.hu has now a quite big photography gallery so I had to divide it into two main galleries. The usual photography gallery is available under the “Gallery” page whereas those images that are more related to traveling and trips are available under the “Tour” link in very similar flash-based galleries.
Another thing that made changes necessary is the fact that I am in the USA right now and intend to stay for a few month. During this time I have no or limited access to my photography equipment (such as cameras, lenses, chemicals and first of all the scanner) so I plan to post mainly digital images during this time. This is one of the reasons why I itroduced the “Tour” section because I want to clearly divide the tourist-like digital images from my film photography projects. So feel free to check out the “Tour” section for the latest digital images. This is also the reason why I added a “Random Picture” function to the sidebar on the left hand side. This is to promote the new digital uploads while new film uploads will be mainly promoted on wildangle.
From now on the main page of FeketeNorbert.hu features only and exclusively the posts in ‘photography’ and ‘technical’ categories (so no recepies or other issues on the main page any more) and I hope this will give the site a more organized look. The ‘photography’ category includes articles on photography issues (both film and digital) and the ‘technical’ category (where this post belongs to) provides information about the site, the updates and about other interesting issues that I want to put on the main page for some reason. Obviously not every new post will be featured on the main page in the future.
That is all for now, please be back for coming new posts.

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