Mid van, amit nem kaptál? – Didn't God give you everything you have?


Az ebben a fejezetben található bejegyzések többsége csak angol nyelven elérhető!

I am involved in photography since January 2008. As far as I can remember I always enjoyed taking pictures and using cameras but that was the time when I decided to put a little more effort on imaging and became more and more interested in using digital cameras. During the cold winter nights of 2008 I’ve walked quite often the streets of Szeged, Hungary with my friend London András, with a compact digital camera and with a tripod taking pictures of streets and buildings. Later I picked up the classic black-and-white film photography mainly under the influence of London Gábor, a really good friend of mine who showed me the beauty and pleasure of shooting on films. Using more and more black and white films I became interested in street photography as well. Today I shoot both film and digital concentrating on various subjects including street, public, city, nature and portrait photography.
You can find a few pictures in the Gallery section of my homepage but this website intends to do a little more than just publishing images. I am planning to write short articles on different interesting issues of film and digital photography. These articles appear on the front page among others but here you can browse the articles belonging to the photography category if you click on the link below.

Photography articles

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